President Speech 2016

Komar University of Science and Technology

University Day 2016

President Speech

Respected Visitors:

Dear Students and Faculty and staff members:

I like to thank you all for participating in UD 2016 despite your busy schedule and to welcome you to our third year of University Day. I hope you will have fun and learn when you tour the projects and activities and meet with our faculty members and students. As usual, we believe in continues progress. Thus, even the last UD 2015 was a huge progress compared to UD 2014. This year we are offering 150 projects and activities delivered by 37 faculty members and about 300 students. We consider this type of participation good indicator of success.

Dear Presences:

We owe this success to three factors:

1.      Safety of Kurdistan which is guaranteed by the Blood of our Heroic Peshmarga,

2.      Large scarifies of Komar’s owners who are building the campus regardless to the financial difficulty facing Kurdistan,

3.      Our students and faculty and staff efforts who are committed to continue success of the KUST education mission regardless to all threats and financial instability.

Therefore, I like to thank and salute them.

Respected Ones:

We still don’t have graduates yet. About 80 students of F12 will graduate in the end of this year.  But what kind of graduates will be? Komar University has a mission to graduate students who earn knowledge, skills and professional ethics. They are trained to be serious and hard working. Last summer, our junior students had a chance to conduct internships. After completing the internship, large companies, such as Asia Cell, Lafarge, Halabja Group and Faruq medical city expressed their positively surprises and appreciation toward our students. In Mr. Qubad’s Talabani Internship Program about 170 students were selected from 10 universities in Kurdistan; 6 of them were from KUST. In the final national ceremony, three students were selected share their experience,  one was from Komar.

We have many successful stories to share:

·        2 of our students were selected by US-IYLEP program

·        1 faculty by the US Fulbright Scholar Program

·        1 faculty by the Research Follow Program

 These achievements may not sound big, but based on our short history and small number of faculty and students, we are in front of other universities.

KUST plans several initiatives for the future since we moved to the New Campus, they are:

1.      Awarding highly achieved students who make it to President list or Dean list,

2.      Providing scholarships to those who are joiner or senior and facing financial difficulty,

3.      Establishing President Club for talented students who have projects need support,

4.      Supporting faculty research which contribute to solving problems in Kurdistan,

5.      Establishing Career Award for woman who makes positive changes in industry

6.      Establishing Academic Career Award for women who make positive changes in Academia


Komar University is from the Community and for the Community. Based on that principle, our faculty/staff and students contributed to our community in many ways, I mention some of them:

·        Providing Syrian refugees with school materials

·        Supplying Peshmarqa in Tel Mohammed and Tel Ward with food supplies

·        Providing women in Kobani with women-needed health materials

·        Helping Orphans in Sulaymani

KUST is the only university in Kurdistan requires from its students to serve the community.  More than 100 students participated in serving the community just in the last semester.

My respected visitors and Community:

Kurdistan is a rich region with natural resources; has beautiful nature; and has dynamic young society.  Therefore, Kurdistan has all recourses for development and happy society.  At Komar University, we try to graduate students which can contribute to a better Kurdistan.

Again I like to thank you for taking time to participate in the University Day 2016 and thank our students, faculty and staff members and UD 2016 Committee who made today a special day for of us.

Salah Aziz

April 9th,  2016